UnNamed Machinima Series Coming Soon

As most of you know, I live in NY, and my buddies and I are going to start a Machinima series,hopefully on Podshow after I get a Capture Card, we will start a series about a Strike Team of Swat Members.

Phantom [Gett] (Taylor)
Lucky [Shot] (Jake)
Eva[ngelion]01 (Galen) Better Name To Come…I hope
Sniper [Evo86] (Steven)

These are the members of Squad S.R.T. We all have something cool about each pone of us. I, Phantom, an a sword Demon! I love the sword and it’s my weapon of choice when I use it correctly. Eva is unknown, but Sniper, Lucky and myself, like to think of him as the “shotgun camping n00b”(lol)! Lucky obviously has an odd ability to at least hit someone with his random shots! Sniper obviously, is a wicked awesome sniper.

Our base is on Zanzibar. We got our training at The Foundation SWAT Acadamy. We sometimes take Vacations, (and missions) on Containment. We fight the Evil Organization, They are comprised of mutated super solders(Elites) and hate the spartans. They train on Warlock and their base is located on the “Blue” side of Waterworks. Unbeknowst to the Organization, a covert outpost conststing on 3 soldeirs is stationed on the “Red” side of Water Works. They secretly deliever information the the SWAT Mercenaries.

In this time of war, the goverments spending so much money on super soldiers, hires mercanaries, to fight along with the super soldiers, and covers up the “defecteive” ones. They are then “Dismissed” from active duty. They have gathered in the cavernous abandoned Water Works. The SWAT Mercs. has put 3 recon scouts with Areial Assualt Devices to report the findings!

More to come from Nerds in the Basement Productions!

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