Lickwid Gold Musi-Cast

I’m now podcasting an online Radio Show, using Lickwid Gold Record’s Finest! Tune in with hosting courtesy of Podshow+

It will appear on iTunes after I get a logo from my employer and I get some music courtesy of the artists. This cast will be more commercial than my others. It will be like a radio show, where I will talk, interview the artists, then move onto a new song. They will be snippets so it does not deter my listeners from buying the albums courtesy of Lickwid Gold Records! We have the talent of the Twinz, Rea and Amy, and Clasiq!

It will be an awesome cast, interviews with the artists themselves and of course, some good music! Check out the feed at It’s not much to look at now, because the feed is still fresh, but soon, it’ll be a full blown podcast! Also, you can check out something with a litlle more color at!
Enjoy every one, I’ll see you soon. Phantom Gett on another podcast!

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