Danny Phantom (Fanfic) Mystery Episode: The Return of The Doomed!

Technus scolwed. He had been waiting inside Valerie’s ghost suit since his “borrowed” that military satalite. He had been waiting, slowly influencing Valerie’s thoughts. Since she had found out about Danny’s powers,*(*See Dani Phantom’s Episode Author for details) Technus had been enjoying his downtime and his chance to slowly retake the energy he used to make her new suit! Technus waited… Soon he knew he would be able to excat his Final Revenge on Danny and Valerie, for trapping him. He would return…Soon

Danny sat with his hands over his eyes, as Mister Lancer handed back his test results. “The Coding of Computer Generated Reality…” Danny thought. “When would I ever need to know how to manipulate a videogame? I don’t cheat”

“Mister Fenton,” Mr. Lancer whispered in Danny’s ear drawing him out of his trance. “Mister Fenton, I’d like to speak with you after class about your test results.” Danny winced at these words.

“Ok Mr. Lancer, I’ll be there.” Danny said reluctantly.
“Good, This grade needs to be discussed.” Mr Lancer replied.
“Really? Do we need to involve my parents?” Danny asked agitated.
“Yes, Your parents need to your grade!” Mr Lancer said slyly.
“Uh-oh” Danny thought frantically.

The bell rung, and the classroom emptied. Danny waited for Tucker and Sam outside the classroom. Mr Lancer stood watching him. Danny tried to move out of his field of view.

“Oh man! I failed! Just one more point too!” Tucker moaned.
“Hey, I failed, do you see me getting mad?” Sam asked annoyed. “So wheres your test?” Sam asked Danny.
“Mr Lancer said it was something that needed to be shared with my parents” Danny said depressed.
“Ouch…” Sam and Tucker Said Simultainiously. “I wish I could do something to make him feel better, what a cutie he is” Sam thought, then gasped both at her thinking this with Danny standing right in front of her and that she used the word “Cutie”…

Danny slumped when he saw the orange, blue and blak HAZMAT jumpsuits walk down the halls. His parents has arrived, and he knew, they were not happy to be back at Casper High…again.

…To Be Continued

“Oooh, I hope I live” – Danny

Thats all I got for now, I’ll finish this later!


-Phantom Gett 

One response to “Danny Phantom (Fanfic) Mystery Episode: The Return of The Doomed!

  1. aww… it’s cute. I like Sam and Danny’s awkward crush/friendship.

    Danny’s such a bad buy, oOOoooO.

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