It’s Called a Job

I like blogging and internet use as much as everyone else, but as we ALL know, internet use costs money. I am going for a job at my local Price Chopper. As much as I hate to admit it, I need a job! I’m going to get it sometime during the school year. Honestly, I think I’d rather work for money than spend another season as the varsity swim teams laughing stocl/lap dog… I hate swim. It’s fun to meet and greet seniors and all, but I don’t like being criticized just cuz I’m slower than the others. I’m in 10th grade and you’re in 12th! Deal WITH IT!

Now that my rant has finished! I have to voice some complaints…um…It has to do with a former friend, who thought I was dropping hints about liking her. She made a big deal of her business and then said nevermind and expects no one to be worried! I can’t stand it. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YOU LIVE WITH YOUR SCREWUP!

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