An Actual Blog Post

Hey guys, It’s Phantom Gett,

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick blog post. If you read my last post, I said that Halo 2 was begining to get boring. I can’t seem to win and I’m getting better but the game has been out for two years and I’ve only gotten a little better since I bought the thing, in part, thanks to Podtacular – The Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast! I have been getting my gaming out of Chrome Hounds. The game is a futuristic ‘mech fighting/war simulator. It’s really cool. I have Reverse Legs, 4 rifles, 4 gattling guns, and two rocket launchers.

I have a new podcast that I am listening to and porducing. It’s about saving a TV show called Danny Phantom…Yes I know it’s a baby show…I like it though and I believe in what I am doing to try and save it. The podcast is called Danny Phantom Reborn! It’s ok. I’m using the Theme as my opening music. I am using whatever won’t get me sued as my outro music. I am just ranting about saving him and I read fan fics and a lot of other stuff.

I am not bored with my 360. It’s great, DVD, Games and Wireless connectivity. It works for me. For all the 360 Critizisers, It’s a gaming console first. You can love it, or shuvit. No, I mean, love it or hate it. I love it. I suggest you give it a try. The bugs have been worked out. The Wii isn’t here yet and the PS3 will cost you your favorite couch with restorations!

Thats all I got for you all!


-Phantom Gett

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