Chrome Hounds (Hunt as a pack or Die Like a Dog)

I just got a game for the Xbox 360…It’s just been released. It is an awesome game called…Chrome Hounds

It’s produced by Sega and it is a Mech fighting/War simulator set on Earth in an alternate time line, where during the cold war, Sun spots sucessfully destroyed global communications. This also has the “nasty” side effect of disableing the radar guidence systems of all ballistic (Nuclear) missles.

So, the goverments in turmoil due to mass rioting and looting, another world war ensued. Because of the lack of personelle to fight a World War, the Mechs known as HOUNDs were created. They are made of Chromium Steel and thusly the name Chrome Hounds.

You are a mercenary for Rafezekeal, a national weapons and arms dealership as well as a mercenary service. The organization is a place for outcasts or refugees that have no homes or families. Most of the mercenaries have a mission simply to survive, or to die fighting.

You slaughter your enimies trying to get the Highest Rank for a sucessful mission. Ranks from A-F I’m guessing. Maybe even the UBER rank “S”. You gain Parts for your own personal HOUND as well as money to buy parts. You build your HOUND the way you play.

A Soilder with close and medium range capabilities, a Scout with light weaponry and armor for recon, a Heavy Gunner with HUGE weapons, a Defeneder with MEGA ARMOR and tank treads, a Lone Wolf Sniper with Ultra long range capabilites, or a Tactical Commander with the best telecomunications.

Build your HOUND and take the fight online, Hunt with your squad as a pack or your HOUND becomes a Chrome plated coffin.

I love this game. 6 story paths. DEEP story lines. Great Co-Op and Multiplayer capabilities. It’s an overall AWESOME GAME! Just what the Xbox 360 needs. 9.5/10

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