I’m Bored

Just typing a quick post cuz i'm board as hell…I just need to chill out. I have had Pneumonia and I've been out of school for like 6 days. I have so much work to make up…It's crazy, But I have a day so I'm taking the night off. More work…Great…

Anyway, I'm just chillin. I have no other choice than to just get some work done. I am just so bored. I don't understand. One of my friends thinks my New GF is an airhead…I don't know if they're right or not. They play Halo and if you play Halo, you have to be observeant or have carpel tunnel. I'm assuming it's the former.

Anyway…just thought you might like to do some random reading. My <a href="http://myspace.com/halo_underground">myspace</a&gt; is getting better. Take a look once yer my friend!

Peace out everyone

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