I finished Kingdom Hearts 2…Now I’m Sad and Bored

I Just finished Kingdom Hearts II. The Game was awesome. Period.

The Game was a quick battle with Sora, Riku, Donald, Goofy. You push through some walls. Then you have some @$$ kicking to do on Xemnas. I Turned Valor and did some crackalating. Then after tearing Xemnas a new one, Namine’ appears and opens the door out of Kingdom Hearts. The Roxas appears out of Sora and Namine’ and Roxas combine with Sora and Kairi. Goofy, Donald, Mickey, and Kairi step through the doorway, then it closes leaving Riku and Sora there alone.

We fought a Dragonic Form of Xemnas. Riku and I, We smashed Xemnas in Dragon, then another Armored Xemnas. Then he grew some f***ing testicles and Went all, crazy sword demon, imitation Sephiroth on us. We fought like mad until all he had was half a bar and then he went all Psycho-Lazer Freak on us. We blocked like Crazy and Sora was almost killed. We almost killed him. The game turned a corner into the dark ocean you see at the begining. Sora and Riku decide to stay until Kairi’s note comes and the Door to the light takes them home.

The Game ends with them finding another note from the king. And a battle Record. Valor Form was used 62 times and it was my most frequently used form.

The game and series was probably my favorite to date, even over Halo and The Elder Scrolls. I miss this game now that I have finished it. I’m really sad. Now I have a few other games, Nintendogs, Oblivion, Quake.

I’m kinda pissed.

3 responses to “I finished Kingdom Hearts 2…Now I’m Sad and Bored

  1. did u get the secret ending???? …hehe i still havent finished KH2 but i am working on all forms maxed(which i got) all summons max(which i got) and all cups finished(which i have all but the last paradox hades cup) and then u get the secret ending that gives u hints towards KH3

  2. No I didn’t. I have all Max Forms. I have done nothing with summons. Valor Form is the best! I Have the Oathkeeper + Descive Pumpkin attatched. It is one of my best forms. I am level 70 some and I’m going for Sephiroth. I already have Save the King and Queen.

    I want to see the ending but I still have some work to do. I did however beat Xemnas easily.

    I’m starting a new game in Proud Mode, because Standard was too easy.

    Anyway, If you have any tips let me know please.

  3. How I defeat Xemnas in the last battle, Im on proud mode and it´s very difficult =Ñ

  4. dude…good luck…

    Just Tap the X and Triangele buttons in sequence at the end

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